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- A night of Culture, good food, and fun! - 



CICOO 2024 Annual Multicultural Event is here!

You are invited to join us on June 1st, 2024 at St Joseph Parish Hall

151 Laurier Ave E Ottawa ON.

Free event!

Doors Open at 6:00p.m.                                         

Buffet Dinner ($35.00) at 7: 00p.m

Followed By Special Keynote Speakers & Multi Cultural Show

Music by: AKF, CKCU FM

Purchase Dinner Ticket :

Watch Video Highlights & Interview's Here 

Caribbean Arts, Dance, Music and Culture


The Indo-Caribbean dance and music is unique in its own with an amalgam of Indian, Chinese, African, Middle Eastern, Latin, East Asian and European cultures because of the melting pot of the Caribbean islands. This unique culture, dance, music and tradition and cuisine is being shared with the Canadian community every year by CICOO.



Canadian Indo Caribbean Organization of Ottawa – CICOO, has been celebrating the heritage and culture of Indo-Caribbean people through music, dance and dinner every year since 2004 as a committee. It was formally registered as a Federal Not-for-profit in 2020 and will continue its track record of collaborating on philanthropic causes by itself and other not-for-profit organizations.



  • Promote Indo-Caribbean cultural heritage in Canada.

  • Undertake charitable and philanthropic initiatives and contributions to the society.



Following the traditions of their ancestors, CICOO’s mission is to bring a sense of community,

philanthropic values, ethics of hard work and compassion, among people of Indo Caribbean origin so that they continue to contribute positively towards Canadian society for generations to come.

Philanthropy over the years.

CICOO is formally registered as a Not for profit in 2020. However, CICOO committee has had a long track record of helping philanthropic causes by working together with other not for profit organizations, charities and philanthropic groups since 2004. Some of these are organizations were CICU FM93.1; The Great India Festival; The Telugu Association; ICOBC; ICCC of Ottawa.

Indo-Caribbean History


On May 30,1845 the first ship arrived in the Caribbean Region bringing East Indians from India to work as indentured laborer's. The majority of the new arrivals were from Calcutta, Uttar Pradesh, province of Bihar. These immigrants were settled primarily in Trinidad, Guyana, and Surinam.


In Spite of the harsh treatment and deplorable conditions, which these East Indians endured, many of them were able to maintain their rich cultural identity and values. The “Indian Arrival” day is an official holiday in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, commemorates the arrival of East Indians to Trinidad and Tobago over 100 years ago. May 30th is the day to celebrate the East Indians that have made outstanding contributions to shaping the cultural mosaic, driving the economic prosperity and building strong nations in the Caribbean.


The immigrant Indo-Caribbean people have brought their sense of community, philanthropic values, hard work ethics, and dedication to their new home in Canada. Today, Indo-Caribbean people continue to weave rich colour into the fabrics of Canadian Society.


Here in Ottawa, far away from home, the Celebration of the “Indian Arrival” day is indicative of the strong bond which links the sons and daughters of Trinidad & Tobago now living in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada with its Motherland”.


Each year the CICOO invites the Canadian community at large for dinner and an evening of cultural entertainment and dance in recognition of the continued contributions of the Indo-Caribbean community in Canada.


Contact Information: & 613-744-6945

P.O. Box 20354 Ottawa On. K1N 1A3

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Indo Canadian Caribbean Cultural Celebration 

​Saturday, June 1, 2024, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Event Sequence:

  • CICCO’s President’s address

  • Canadian Anthem

  • Music, Dance and Arts Program aired virtually

  • Closing ceremony


Live Performances

Preforming artist, guest speakers!


Traditional Indian food 

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“With the participation of the Government of Canada.”

<<Avec la participation du government du Canada.>>

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